Know yourself. Design your life.

Last week we talked about how designing a happy life could be overwhelming and confusing, especially with all the advice out there about how to be happy. Today we’re discussing a roadmap for designing a happy life that works for you. We’ve divided the journey into three steps: Reflection, Discovery and Growth.

1. Reflection – Understand your needs, feelings, and behaviors

Being self-aware means being able to identify our needs, feelings, and behaviors within a given moment and recognizing how they form patterns that we can predict. Developing self awareness isn’t easy, so let’s start with the first part: how can we identify our needs, feelings, and behaviors in any given moment? A great strategy to increase your awareness is to start by reflecting after your experiences. As we practice reflecting on our needs, feelings, and behaviors after our experiences we’ll naturally start being more mindful during experiences.

2. Discovery- Recognize your patterns of needs, feelings, and behaviors

When we develop a habit of mindfulness and reflection, we start seeing the patterns within ourselves. Through finding themes in our needs, feelings and behaviors, we start learning who are. We recognize our core values and what experiences align with our core values. We learn what needs are satisfied or not satisfied in our lives. We identify our strengths and weaknesses and find what we are passionate about.

The process of discovery also opens doors for thinking about who we want to be. We can start gathering information for new goals to aim for and new skills to develop. We can contextualize our place in the world and the role that we want to have within it.

3. Growth- Develop habits to design your life

As we learn more about ourselves and who we want to be, the next step is to set goals and develop habits to get there. This is growth. We can organize our lives to align with our core values, change some of our perspectives, or be more attentive towards our neglected needs. The important thing is that our goals be based on what we have learned about ourselves.

Are you ready to start your journey?

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