Know Yourself. Design Your Life.

Self-awareness made easy

Inome guides you through a daily process of reflection to develop self-awareness, discover who you are, and form new habits to design your life.

Make Reflection a Daily Habit

Practice a step-by-step, guided process of reflection every day. Make a habit of identifying your needs, feelings, and behaviors and understand how these impact your experience.

Discover Who You Are

Find what drives you and how your life is balanced; identify your passions, strengths and weaknesses.

Form New Habits

Develop habits to align your life with your core values, balance your life, break your dysfunctional beliefs and foster your passions.

Happiness starts with knowing yourself

  • Identify your needs, feelings, and behaviors through a guided process of reflection
  • Clarify your thoughts and feelings and create meaning from your experiences
  • Identify your core values and what drives you the most
  • Find out what you are passionate about
  • Recognize your neglected needs
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Figure out how you and your partner are compatible


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